it's about you

Each of my projects is tailored to the client’s budget, taste, and interests. I am happy to tell you what I like, but working with me is about what you like. It is also about your experience. To start, I can share images digitally, and I am also happy to give in-person presentations. Before you make a final selection, if you are unable to visit galleries in person, I can often arrange for works of art to be seen in your home. I also make digital mock ups to show you what a work of art would look like on your wall. If you are buying blue chip art with an eye to investment, I prepare market reports for each piece under consideration. Please read more about the acquisition process here


Finding works of art for your home should be fun. Part of the point can be getting to know New York’s art scene. I love it when my clients can join me for openings and events, and I also think it’s great when kids come to gallery outings – it’s their home, too. My hope is that by working together my clients will get excited to learn about art. 


I offer unbiased guidance on every acquisition, and I only represent my clients. I am aggressive in negotiating favorable purchase terms, and I am transparent in my billing practices—my clients know the true retail price and discount they have received. Regardless of professional discounts, I never mark up framing or installation.

attention to detail

It is essential to me that my clients have a seamless, easy experience. Once a purchase is made, I carefully oversee every step of the post-sale process, including framing, shipping, and installation. Please find more details about these services here.  I provide my clients with materials about the artists in their collection, an illustrated inventory, annually updated insurance values, and original gallery invoices for each piece. My stewardship of your collection does not end the moment a piece is installed on the wall. The proper continued care of a work of art is important to me, and I am always on call to offer guidance to ensure that the pieces in your collection receive the best care.