the ed tyll show 

I had a fantastic radio conversation on the Ed Tyll Show about art and how to start a collection. 

"When I start working with people, I want them to see as much art as possible. . . . Only by seeing a ton of work do you really get a sense of your taste.  The more you see, the more you’re going to know something awesome when you see it." 


I was delighted to be interviewed by the creative agency, Kind Aesthetic, as part of their DELVE Interviews, a look into the unique paths of artistic and creative professionals. I talk about my path to becoming an art advisor, favorite projects, and the activities of a typical day.

“I have worked for wonderful people who are passionate about art and taught me so much about the business of buying and selling. I launched my own art advisory practice, knowing not only about the market and history of art, but also with practical knowledge. If you need to hoist an enormous painting up the side of a New York apartment building to bring it in through a window, give me a call.”

damsels in design

It was an honor to be interviewed by Jennifer Markas, the founder of Damsels in Design, a platform for connecting, supporting, and promoting creative female professionals. 

“The first thing I tell anyone who wants to collect art is to buy what you love. Tune out all the words and just look at pictures to discover your own taste.”