What hangs on the walls of your home or office makes a lasting impression and tells a story about who you are as an individual, family, or business.

I love working with new collectors – whether you are interested in buying a single piece or starting an extensive collection, I am passionate about helping people discover what they find exciting and inspiring. I also assist established collectors with focused purchases that make their collections more comprehensive and cohesive.

Relying on knowledge and relationships developed over fifteen years in the New York art world, I visit not only prestigious galleries, auction previews, and art fairs, but also the studios of emerging talent. My comprehensive knowledge of the art market allows me to present extensive options for each project.

Many of my clients are generalists; however, building a specialized collection can be rewarding. I have helped clients who focus on a certain period or school of art, a given media, or a visual quality. A theme can be as broad as abstract geometry or as focused as 1960s fashion photography.

Building a corporate collection is a great way to invest in your space and let your clients see your taste and attention to detail. Having an art-filled office can also be inspirational for employees and enrich their life at work. I love helping companies build a strong collection tailored to their corporate identity.

There are more details about how I work with my clients here.  

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