Your art collection is an expression of who you are as an individual, family, or business. Nothing makes me happier than hearing about the positive daily interactions my clients have with the pieces that I have helped them to acquire.  

I love working with new collectors – whether you are interested in buying a single piece or starting an extensive collection, I am passionate about helping people discover what they find exciting and inspiring.  I also assist established collectors with focused purchases that make their collections more comprehensive and cohesive. 

Many of my clients are generalists; however, building a specialized collection can be rewarding. I have helped clients who focus on a certain period or school of art, a given media, or a visual quality. A theme can be as broad as abstract geometry or as focused as 1960s fashion photography.  

I have great relationships with galleries around the world, and I spend a great deal of time visiting galleries, art fairs, auction previews, and artist studios. By constantly expanding my knowledge of beautiful and exciting work, I can propose an extensive range of options from both the primary and secondary market to suit any budget, space, and taste. Also because I see so much art, I help my clients to identity the strongest piece by each artist that interests them. Please read more about the details of how I work with a client to build a collection here.  

Please get in touch to start the process!